November 2003 Flooding

Photos and Videos

by: Phil and Charlotte Lucas

Heavy rains during the week of November 9-15 brought some spectacular
flood images in the Burnsville Cove/Bullpasture River Valley area.

At the lower end of Burnsville Cove, the Sinking Creek sink cannot
handle all the flood water and overflows into the "Pancake Fields".

The flooded "Pancake Fields" becomes a wide slow moving river
that drains to the northeast.

The downstream terminus of Sinking Creek and the Pancake Fields
is "The Watersinks" where the flood waters form a huge pool and
await drainage into the subsurface conduit that is connected to
Aqua Spring.

The volume of water in the upper valley is so great that Owl Cave
is fully flooded, and water rushes out of the "backdoor" entrance
as an overflow pathway to The Watersinks.
Click here to see the video. (2.0 meg .AVI file)

The downstream outlet - Aqua Spring in full flood.
Click here to see the video (2.8 meg .AVI file)

Downstream from Aqua Spring, the water is rushing down
the small valley towards the Bullpasture River.

The downstream Rt. 768 culvert is so full, it is making a whirlpool
trying to drain the massive volume of water flowing from the spring

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